With my cheeky monkey Roman (3 years young)

With my cheeky monkey Roman (3 years young)

As a working mother of two young boys, I often find myself looking at other women with  kids who are running their own small business and wonder – how do they do it? How do they start their day with gusto when they have been up all night with a sick baby? How do they manage the school run and after school activities with feeding starving kids, answering phone calls and replying to emails from customers and clients all while keeping their sanity and sunny outlook?

In late 2015, I started up my own business, Riser, while raising – together with my supportive partner – two very active boys, Leo (now aged five) and Roman (aged three). And, as my family and friends will tell you, I am fairly frank and honest when I discuss with them the highs and lows, challenges and small wins, of running my own business. No two days are ever the same. Some are wonderful, and some I fall in a heap of equal parts exhaustion and frustration.

I am especially fortunate to know wonderful, incredible women also walking the tightrope of work and family and I often lean on them for advice and insights: how do they do it? Do they have tough days? What’s their secret to getting it all done?

Each week, I will shine the spotlight on a super mum and ask for a “no sugar-coating” version of the life of an entrepreneur mum.

Christine Virgiotis